Mine Emergency Response Services

Mine Emergency Response Services

Responder1 are experts in managing Emergency Response Operations all over Australia.

Responder1 offers a complete 24/7 emergency response management service for mining & resources industry with capability of covering medical, fire, rescue & safety services.

Responder1 specialise in providing multi-disciplined teams across the medical, fire & rescue scope, therefore Responder1 staff are comfortable working in harsh and demanding environments on-sites where the challenges involve high risk construction, high risk resources production, remote locations, difficult access works, hot works and working at heights.

Responder1 only employee trained rescue personnel with backgrounds in fire, rescue & pre-hospital medical care, meaning Responder1 have experienced team members who have the skills, knowledge and expertise to undertake difficult operations in harsh situations.

24 hours a day 7 days a week Responder1 can provide unique solutions meeting your organisations needs whilst still being cost effective & efficient.

Contact Responder1 now to discuss your requirements & let Responder1 show you our unique services & solutions.