Fire & Emergency Evacuation Warden

Fire & Emergency Evacuation Warden

Responder1’s Fire & Emergency Warden covers evacuation requirements workplaces as per the Australian Standards. Responder1’s Fire & Emergency Warden course is designed to provide participants with the required knowledge and skills to prepare for emergency situations, identify and assess the emergency, safely conduct an evacuation and/or lock down of the location, deal & liaise with emergency services and report those workplace emergencies in line with procedures.

This course has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745 -2010.

Course Outline

  • The duties of the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Preparing for site-specific fires
  • Reporting fires
  • Evacuating from endangered areas
  • Identifying, reporting and correcting unsafe conditions
  • Responding to workplace emergencies
  • Liaising with emergency services
  • Post evacuation activities

PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation

Competency based training methods will be assessed through a combination of practical activities, written theoretical questions, observation reports and/or workplace simulation activities.

Skills Maintenance
Recommended to attend refresher training annually.

Responder1 delivers this Nationally Recognised Training in partnership with APL Group RTO 3583

Responder1 can provide training onsite at any time, business or after hours & weekends – no matter where the location.