Responder1 provides a number of consultant services. These consulting services are available to all sized organisations – schools, non-for-profit, small family owned business, medium sized organisations,  government departments & large scale multi-national organisations.

Responder1 are experienced in the fields of

  • Emergency management
  • Emergency response
  • Incident management
  • Emergency management arrangements
  • First Aid, Pre-hospital care & Medical arrangements
  • Ocean lifeguard services & arrangements

Responder1 can develop, review & conduct a large range of unique solutions and draw on a large team of consultants who are specialists in their chosen fields, to assist you and your organisations specific needs.

Responder1 can assist you in looking through the respective legislation, regulation, acts, best practices notice’s & guides dealing with government departments – basically Responder1 cuts the red tape for you!

Responder1 can provide;

  • Workplace Emergency Management Procedures
  • Workplace First Aid Kit appraisals
  • Special Event First Aid Services Procedures & Plans
  • Coordinate Special Event First Aid Services Arrangements & Operations

Talk to Responder1, tell us your problems and let us help walk you through solutions. Responder1 is an organisation that partners with clients to create 1 team working to provide