Emergency Response Service

Emergency Response Service

If you’re hosting a high-risk racing event, high risk workplace, large scale music festival, sporting event, a laid-back art exhibition and anything in between: safety & compliance is of paramount importance.

Receiving first aid, medical, emergency response & emergency management support from an experienced organisation like Responder1 not only ensures your attendees & participants are looked after in the best way possible but also as an organisation or manger to meet your requirements under laws, acts, regulations & best practices.

We know that your workplace and/or event need’s reliable, professional & friendly emergency response staff, so Responder1 emergency response personnel are highly trained and experienced professionals all with backgrounds in private & government emergency services & certified qualifications across the public safety, medical, fire & rescue fields.

Responder1 can provide professional emergency response services for every kind of workplace & event from 1 First Aid Officer through to a large scale emergency response team deployed over multiple locations in the mining & heavy resources sectors in remote locations – Responder1 looks after your requirements from the pre planning stage to the final report and everything in between.

Contact Responder1 now is to discuss your needs and let us show you how our unique solutions can help.